How to reduce poverty

CA Sretenje Pozega held a panel discussion with a topic:"How to reduce poverty" in Lucane on March 27, 2008 within implementation of the project “ Serbia in the European Union, what is your benefit and what is the benefit of Pozega, Lucani and Arilje...“ Speakers on a panel discussion were: Tatijana Pavlović-Križanić, lawyer and expert for decentralization and local economic development from Belgrade, Brankica Jeremic- Uzice Center for Human Rights and Democracy and Dragan Roganovic- Association for Development of Ibar Valley . Participants of the panel discussion were citizens and representatives of municipality boards of opposition parties in the Municipal Assembly (Democratic Party, SPO)

Speakers approached to the poverty reduction from variety of aspects comparing Serbia and the European Union regarding poverty and they included all topic that were relevant for this part of Serbia (rural development, regional disparities, youngsters, vunerable groups and education)

Participants brought forward serious accusation for account of local authorities which are, according to their words, inert, bureaucratic and uninterested in facilitation of vital interests of citizens- poverty reduction, rising level of an economic productivity in Lucane and employment.

Next panel discussion will be held in Tometino Polje on a environmental protection topic on April 3, 2008.