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Improving quality of life of every person through activities in social protection area, legal regulative and making conditions for inter-sector cooperation


Starting of Legislative Initiative
Tuesday, 09 October 2007

In Belgrade, on September 30, 2007 meeting of a part of the Coalition for Free Access to Information was held, and participants were representatives of People

Presentation of draft of Development Program
Monday, 03 September 2007

In rooms of Pozega Municipality on August 28, 2007 was presented draft of Development Program for representatives of local communities, councilor groups and business sector. Draft consists of 12 topics which were considered as priority, and each of topics includes: analysis of current position, give directions and suggest strategies for problem solution.
Representatives of CA Sretenje took part in making of Program and also presented following subjects: Local self-government, Safety and Youngsters and spare time.

Meeting of Team for strategic litigation in Kraljevo
Monday, 03 September 2007

Last week CA Sretenje held meeting of the Team for strategic litigation in Kraljevo organized by the local coordinator, Srdjan Cosic. Topic of the meeting was analyzing of strategic litigation cases in four municipalities covered by the project Strategic litigation in local communities. Special attention was paid to the case of the return of Bogavac legacy.
On meeting spoke: Zdenka Kovacevic-Project Coordinator, Vladimir Bogavac- chairman of councilor group in Kraljevo municipality, Milan Kundovic-Advisor of the manager of Raska region, Mirjana Nikolic, Member of the Legal team, CA Sretenje.

Meeting with the Team for strategic litigation in local community Jelen Do
Monday, 03 September 2007

Representatives of CA Sretenje- Zdenka Kovacevic i Marijana Rakic held meeting with the Team for strategic litigation in local community Jelen Do due to plan next steps in strategic litigation process.
It was suggested that CA Kamena prasina make an appeal to NEXE group on account of environmental endangerment in this local community, to contact Privatization Agency and seek for the Sales contract and it was decided that CA Sretenje would organize meeting with the representatives of public authorities and invite media and director of NEXE group.

Press conference in Kraljevo
Tuesday, 21 August 2007

Press conference was held in Kraljevo on August 19, 2007 due to the presentation of the project Strategic litigation in local communities supported by Canadian International Development Agency - CIDA.
Conference spokesmen were: Srdjan Cosic- Civic Council Kraljevo (Bogavac legacy), Mirjana Nikolic-CA Sretenje Pozega (strategic litigation-legal framework), and Vladimir Bogavac-chairman of councilor group (decentralization and sustainable development), Zdenka Kovacevic-project coordinator, CA Sretenje (goal and project activities, outputs

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