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Serbia in European Union,what is your benefit and what is the benefit of Pozega,Lucani and Arilje... Print E-mail

CA Sretenje started implementation of the project "Serbia in the European Union, what is your benefit and what is the benefit of Pozega, Lucani and Arilje..." along with 43 organizations from Serbia. It will consist of 6 panel discussions in three already mentioned municipalities and promotional activities on a local level. All project activities will be covered by side of TV Pozega and CA Sretenje already have signed the Agreement on Cooperation with it.

The project goal is maintenance of the European integration topic high on a local and political agenda, or prevention that approaching Serbia to the European Union become taboo on a local, regional and ,to a certain extent, national level, by means of opening discussions on real and concrete topics as well as benefits that citizens and local communities can have if Serbia approaches to the European Union.

The first panel discussion will be held in Lucane on March, 27 2008 in the facilities of the Municipality Council Lucani and the topic is: How to reducepoverty.

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