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Pozega Municipality has adopted Plan of Changes which predicts creation a new real, modern, applicable and transparent urban plan which will be accessable to all citizens. A creation of new urban plan will be financed by Municipality of Pozega and with support of MSP- Municipality Support Programme of Swiss government.

CA Sretenje has been conducting Media plan for Pozega Municipality due to acquire direct participation of citizens, private sector, NGO’s through organizing public discussions, meetings and insights with the goal of collection of data, opinions and promotion of plan activities


Promotion and monitoring of plan documents creation through citizens’ participation and legal person via media campaign coordinated by formed Team, CA Sretenje and local media.


Citizens’ Poll
• Conducting poll
• Processing data
• Creation of data base

Media campaign
• Round tables
• Focus groups
• Conferences with small groups
• Workshops for youngsters
• Regular press information
• TV broadcasts
• Radio broadcasts

Creation of PR material
• Making of leaflet
• Making of publication

Aim groups:
1. Citizens of Pozega
2. Civil sector
3. Local authorities
4. Institutions
5. Other legal subjects

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